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Healing & Liberation Rituals

We work on the basis of science called Trantra, an ancient science in India. We use this Trantrica to heal or release of science ghosts, black magic, curses, healing of severe mental problems and material or spiritual disorders.

We help people from any distance around the world through therapy that is used in Vedic civilization from time immemorial.

We are offering really true healing.
Healing the subtle body.
Rituals for auspiciousness and good fortune.
Rituals for a good son.

Special cures Hanuman Yajñas

So you can free yourself from many evils these cures are recommended.
Healing these treatments can only make a person who is truly healing.
Recover your happiness, to be free and to move both your material life and spiritual, it is advisable that you can check which is the hidden situations that bother or disturb reason.
ack to feel in your shaft, be who you really are, well placed and feel positive.

Detect some symptoms.
  • Disease continues. All treatments fail.
  • Constant concerns. Suicidal tendencies or desires to move from home or away from your family.
  • Continued illness of a family member.
  • Too weak, associated with obesity and short-tempered.
  • Sterility, without any reason or no medical reason physical deficiency.
  • Repeated misunderstandings or death of a child.
  • Sudden death in the family.
  • Problems in the construction of the house, factory or other building.
  • Shortage of money, despite hard work.
  • No desire to live. Feel stifled. Feeling useless life. Without wishing to progress.
  • Sudden problems between siblings or family members for no reason.
  • The achievement of objectives seems impossible.
  • Lost in business or property.
  • Loss of peace because of fear of enemies and their malicious desires.
  • Discord between husbands and families.
  • Great efforts result in failures.
  • Lack of good opportunities.
  • Poverty despite much effort.
  • Mental disorders without medical reason.
These are some effects or symptoms that prove that these low effects of Black Magic. Despite being very smart you not find outlets for problems. It is because of these practitioners of black magic that your freedom is limited.

Armor Protection “Hanuman Kavacha” After purification through ritual and you will receive a Protector for all kinds of subtle influences specially made for your case, as soon as you start using these protected from any negative influence for life.

Healing & Liberation of places or Houses

Cleaning and protection of homes, land, workplaces. Releasing sales locks places, rituals auspiciousness. Many places are inhabited by subtle entities, attached to the place or the people who live there. These entities may cause discomfort and rivalries. Disturbances and subtle movements, among other things. When rituals are performed Yantra protection to place in that space as protection.
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