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Citeswar Das

Chakradhar Sahu ( Citeswar das ) Jayapataka disciple of Swami is known for its healing rituals.

Sri Pagal Baba Ashram was founded by the great Tantra Cuttack Baba who was known as Biswa Guru . Then his disciple Sri Magati Sahu , having taken initiation established this Ashram . And his oldest son Sri Chakradharsahu ( Citesvara Das ) is wearer forward. For his severe austerities ( Sadhana ) and mercy of his ancestors and his own spiritual master , he was able to obtain Siddhi Sri Hanumanji and so to help others through this important service.

This is known and reliable service that has already helped many people.

Mr. Chakradhar Sahu works with his secretary Mathura Mandala dd for all the english-speaking.

At/Po. Bhabandha
Dist.Ganjam (Orissa), Pin: 761 003, India
Mathura Mandala dd